Driver Performance

InfoStream’s Driver Performance solution automatically gathers, identifies, analyzes, and tracks your driver performance data, giving you near real-time responses to at-risk and positive behavior.

Applications Include:
  • Telematics Performance Management
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Driver Observations
  • Driver Scorecard
  • Corrective Action Automation
Driver Performance

Key Benefits

  • Greater visibility to driver performance
  • Immediate response to at-risk and positive behavior
  • Increase driver and customer satisfaction
  • Improve fleet safety
  • Streamline data into single dashboard

Software Applications


Telematics Performance Management

Respond in near real-time to at-risk and positive behavior with InfoStream’s Telematics Performance Management. It automatically gathers, identifies, analyzes, and tracks driver performance data. Automated workflows send drivers alerts, notifications, letters, training, and meeting assignments.

On-Time Delivery

Better measure efficiency and identify opportunities for improvement with our On-Time Delivery application. Information gathered can include excused/unexcused status and reason code. Based on the status, automated workflows can launch specific activities and reports.

Driver Observations

Our Driver Observation application helps increase customer and driver satisfaction by tracking shipper feedback on driver behavior. Documented or observed events can be assigned point values, giving management measurable information to make decisions and drivers visibility to the company’s customer satisfaction standards.

Driver Scorecard

Our Driver Scorecard application monitors multiple facets of driver behavior. This behavior may result in the assignment and management of positive or corrective actions through dynamic workflow events, which assigns points for identified behaviors.

Corrective Action Automation

SHIPS software features Corrective Action Automation. It monitors data from carriers' disparate systems, identifying when "out of standard" events occur. When identified, visibility and alerts are presented to management, while company-defined corrective (or positive) actions are automatically executed, and the completion of these tasks is monitored.

Success Stories

InfoStream is a solid collaborative solutions partner for the transportation industry.


ContainerPort Group reduces safety labor costs by 20%


Shaw Industries reduced labor costs by 33%


Admiral Merchants reduces accident risk and improves claim processing

A Safety Mindset: Why It Should be A Priority for Transportation Companies

Weaving a culture of safety into every organization means embracing the value that a safety mindset offers. Some may ask why view safety as a value vs. a priority? The answer is simple. Priorities change, sometimes daily, whereas a value remains constant. In this white paper, we’ll explore historical trends, current processes, best practices, and the use of technology to support a safety-based culture. These topics will help answer the question, “How do we accomplish our safety mission?”

Safety & Compliance


InfoStream helps you manage the entire the driver lifecycle, from qualification to post hire. As an EBE Technologies company, InfoStream leverages its RPA-supported automated solutions to deliver timely and relevant information to your management and drivers. Our staff of industry professionals provide ongoing support, freeing you to focus on what’s important – improving at-risk behaviors, reducing company liability, and keeping drivers safe.


Integration Partners

InfoStream is a solid collaborative solutions partner for the transportation industry.

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