Roadside Inspection Management Solution for Transportation Companies

Safety & Compliance

Track, Process, and Manage Roadside Inspections with Confidence


InfoStream’s Roadside Inspection Management Solution is a comprehensive application that synchronizes the activity reported through the FMCSA Compass portal, DOT compliance regulations, and carriers' business processes associated with driver roadside inspection activity.

The solution tracks the entire event, from the roadside inspection occurrence and posting by the state through the collection of information and required company and DOT documents. The cycle is completed by providing workflow visibility to the submission of compliance documentation to the state. The application executes the workflow processes associated with the inspection results, ensuring that notifications, documentation, and positive and corrective responses are executed consistently.

Roadside Inspection Management Solution Highlights:

  • Provides central portal to initiate the roadside inspection process for complete visibility.
  • Eliminates the manual process of matching driver roadside inspection reports with those posted by the state through the Compass Portal.
  • Provides immediate visibility to all inspections for real-time behavior management.
  • Ensures FMCSA reporting and DOT compliance.
  • Updates carrier-maintained driver scorecard to track overall performance which may lead to coaching opportunities.

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