Admiral Merchants Success Story

InfoStream Risk Management Solution More Effectively Manages Claims Process and Mitigates Risk

Admiral Merchants Success Story"With InfoStream, everyone in our organization is on the same page. We instantly get a complete picture of a driver in a single dashboard, which has made us more efficient and has allowed us to make data-driven decisions that help us mitigate risk," said Mark Dooley, Manager of Risk at Admiral Merchants.

Admiral Merchant Motor Freight, Inc., was founded in 1929 with a small fleet of trucks, and has grown to a network of 532 independent contractors and approximately 300 agents. Based in Minneapolis, MN, and operating across the United States and Canada, Admiral Merchants focuses on flatbed cargo including heavy haul, oversize, and military loads. The company is in its second generation of family ownership and operates a flexible business model that has proved to be highly successful, accomplishing revenue growth averaging 20% per year by ensuring that their work processes are efficient and enable the company to deliver excellent service to business partners and customers.


Admiral Merchants began its partnership with EBE when they implemented SHIPS Recruiting and Onboarding solutions. Once the drivers were onboarded, they wanted to complement the solutions already implemented with workflow and process management solutions that would support their owner-operator business model which poses its own set of challenges. It was important for Admiral Merchants to have a cohesive set of systems that were more than just a repository of data and documents. While some departments had minimal workflow functionality, Admiral needed a system that would tear down the silos and connect all of their departments to more effectively bring an automated workflow through the entire company, as well as allowing them to supervise their independent contractors in order to better mitigate risk.


EBE stood out as a business partner that was willing to develop a risk management and claims system for the company via InfoStream, EBE's safety and compliance division. Admiral Merchants adopted the driver management, safety, claims, and accident scene management solutions as well as the litigation manager solution. All of these systems have put everyone in the Admiral Merchants organization on the same page, to more effectively position the company to give everyone a clear picture of the information they need, in turn allowing the company to mitigate risk.


Since implementing the InfoStream solutions, Admiral Merchants has seen significant improvements in the organization's efficiency and ability to mitigate risk.

Full Access to Complete Driver Profiles

With the adoption of the InfoStream driver management and safety and compliance solutions, Admiral Merchants is able to get a clear picture of their drivers through the driver scorecard. Every driver's history and CSA scores are available in one single view. Rather than sorting through notes and scrambling to get the information they need, all pertinent employees have access to the drivers' profiles and can use that information to observe behavior trends and more proactively correct driver behavior BEFORE an accident occurs.

Workflow Automation Maximizes Efficiency Within Departments

InfoStream's solutions have allowed the staff at Admiral Merchants to work more efficiently in each department, not just in driver management. The credit and collections departments have instant access to claim statuses, and are able to get instant updates when the status changes. The automated workflows inherent in the InfoStream system help keep the cargo and accident department on track, since the response deadlines are custom-configured to the needs of the department. With InfoStream, nothing falls through the cracks – not even minor claims – thanks to workflow alerts that notify employees what steps to take and when.

Proactive Cargo Claims Management with Third-Party Integration

Admiral Merchants is taking advantage of the enhanced capabilities of the InfoStream Risk Management solution, which allows for optimized functionality for cargo claims including brokerage notification, deductible calculation, and the ability to track the progress of the cargo claim from initial filing to claim completion. Even more, employees in the claims department are able to distribute documentation directly to the insurance companies and other third parties, and the system even notifies staff when the company is in danger of exceeding the self-insured retention rate, which greatly mitigates any risk of future legal action. Additionally, every item entered into the InfoStream system is linked to the corresponding accident file, so all updates are logged and time-stamped, providing an audit trail of all actions taken that is crucial in a litigation situation.

Customizable Reporting for Full Management Visibility

The accident dashboard allows Admiral Merchants staff to customize reports to provide unparalleled visibility to KPIs for management. With a number of reporting criteria to choose from, staff can narrow the data down to a granular level to better track trends that can be exported to other Business Intelligence and third-party applications. Additionally, by tracking these trends, staff can communicate that information to drivers to improve communication, and staff can use the data to update and distribute safety awards in the company's driver recognition program.


As a second-generation, family-owned company, Admiral Merchants likes to maintain that family business culture, and InfoStream's solutions have allowed them to remain loyal to their employees. Rather than replacing staff with automation and cutting down on their workforce, the company instead plans to service additional contractors without adding staff. The InfoStream system has allowed staff to perform less data entry to manage the routine details and focus more on building relationships with drivers and customers, ensuring that the company runs more efficiently while still maintaining the personal connection that is the backbone of their corporate philosophy.

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