EBE Technologies Reports Increased Revenue for Fiscal Year 2020

EAST MOLINE, Ill., Nov. 18, 2020 - EBE Technologies, the leader in business process management applications for the transportation industry, today announces the completion of its fiscal year 2020, ending September 30. A record year of revenue was achieved as EBE realized an 11% increase in revenue from new client acquisitions and a 36% increase in additional purchases from existing clients.  

In March 2020, Coronavirus brought uncertainty throughout the country and caused many companies to review their work processes. EBE’s solutions allowed carriers and their staff to adapt to mandates for a safer workplace while maintaining successful operations. 

“This has been an unparalleled year for upheaval in the transportation industry. Some of our clients in specific industry segments were affected more than others, but the impact was universal,” said Larry Kerr, EBE president. “Our new client acquisitions were driven in part by carriers that could not utilize their legacy imaging solutions in work-from-home or mobile configurations.”

EBE developed a new application because of health concerns surrounding the pandemic. Its electronic bill of lading (e-BOL) solution allows for touch-free signatures, ensuring a higher level of safety for drivers and staff. The company also made enhancements to its artificial intelligence (AI) solution, Navigator. The enterprise-wide application automates repetitive tasks so carrier staff can focus on more strategic activities. 

In year 2020, EBE’s existing clients saw the value in its range of solutions and purchased more applications to expand their paperless processes. The modules benefit the entire enterprise including: Accounts payable, invoice resolution, rate contract management, driver qualification (DQ) file management, driver on-boarding and mobile capture.
In first quarter, fiscal 2021, EBE plans to launch the latest version of its flagship solution, Shipping and Hauling Image Processing System, or SHIPS. The first release of SHIPS 6 will replace the current SHIPS recruiting, onboarding, and safety solution.

EBE’s managed services compliance company, InfoStream, added several thousand drivers under driver management and will unveil a new Risk Management Information System (RMIS) in first calendar quarter, 2021. InfoStream also expanded integrations into enterprise resource planning systems, including SAP, Oracle, and Workday. The new integrations streamline Department of Transportation-compliant applications, prefilling it with data and providing termination dates for DQ files.

EBE is positive about fiscal 2021, based on an anticipated economic recovery and the continuing need for content management systems that support a remote work force and reduced staffing levels.  


About InfoStream
InfoStream, an EBE company, combines EBE's industry-leading technology and InfoStream's unmatched customer service to create a higher standard of compliance for companies governed by transportation regulatory requirements. InfoStream's offerings span from pre- and post-hire driver qualification file management, facilitating drug and alcohol pre-hire qualification and post-hire random testing, scheduling and monitoring DOT physicals, maintaining and monitoring vehicle files and inspections and performing risk management consultation. InfoStream's guidance, service and support let's you focus on what's important: improving at-risk behaviors, reducing your company's liability and maintaining the safest fleet possible. 

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