Log Violation Management Solution for Transportation Compliance

Safety & Compliance

Improve Driver Accountability and DOT Compliance


Eliminate the burden of managing HOS violations with InfoStream’s Log Violation Management workflow solution. Even with ELDs in place today, the process of managing violations continues to be a burden for most safety departments. The process rests on the staff to address the violations incurred by drivers.

Typically, the violation reports are reviewed by management, then either warning notifications, letters, or meetings are scheduled based on the violation type. This continues to be a very manual process, not to mention the challenge of tracking DOT compliance of the assigned corrective actions to the driver.

InfoStream’s Log Violation Management solution automatically triggers workflows and streamlines the processes necessary to address non-compliance of Hours of Service violations. And, because the entire process is done electronically, a complete audit trail of all activity associated with each violation is available at your fingertips.

Log Violation Management Solution Highlights:

  • Monitors ELDs and log violation reports to execute workflow.
  • Provides automated letters and notifications to drivers and managers.
  • Delivers driver tasks via email, fax, text, mobilecomm and/or driver portal.
  • Executes automated corrective activities based on violation type and/or frequency of violation type.
  • Maintains violation documents in DQ file for a safety-related audit trail.
  • Consistently responds to violations in a standard manner.
  • Easily identifies at-risk drivers, mitigating non-compliant behavior.

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