Annual Safety Review Solution for Transportation Companies

Safety & Compliance

Streamline Your Annual Safety Reviews


For carriers who perform the annual safety review on the driver’s hire date, keeping track of those anniversaries is a challenge. Ease your administrative burden and streamline your annual safety review process with InfoStream’s automated solution.

Annual Safety Review Solution Highlights:

  • Automatically notifies carriers when a driver's annual safety review is pending.
  • Sends notifications to drivers that a Certificate of Violation (COV) form is ready to be completed in the Driver Portal.
  • Triggers the system to order an MVR for the driver.
  • Compares the MVR and the COV data and enters any out-of-standard documentation into an automated workflow for review.
  • Creates an Annual Safety Review packet that includes the MVR and COV in the same file for easy retrieval in the case of a DOT audit.

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