Accident & Incident Management Solution for Transportation Companies

Risk Management Solution for Transportation Companies

Accidents & Incidents: Manage Your Documentation More Efficiently


InfoStream’s transportation risk management information system features robust functionality that allows for the immediate upload of accident scene photos, driver statements, and police reports, as well as alerts that trigger workflows to ensure this documentation is present and carriers remain DOT compliant.

Accident & Incident Management Solution Highlights:

  • Brokerage notification when an accident or incident occurs.
  • Deductible calculation for insurance claims.
  • Enhanced document control functionality to ensure that accident scene images and documentation is optimized, even when a mobile device is used for image capture.
  • Easily accessible evidence of an audit trail to reduce the possibility of higher insurance premiums, legal liability, and potential criminal prosecution.
  • Streamlined and expedited claims process for quick resolution.
  • Documentation distribution to third parties such as insurance companies, intermediaries, and litigation parties.

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