Drug & Alcohol Testing


"InfoStream's professionally managed comprehensive program includes DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing, monitoring and policy reviews."

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Managed Drug and Alcohol Compliance


Maintaining compliance and adhering to the regulatory requirements outlined for controlled substances federal regulations Part 382 is an ongoing challenge. InfoStream's drug and alcohol testing service is professionally managed and is connected to the largest selection of providers available. Our comprehensive program includes DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing, monitoring and policy reviews.

Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing Service

DOT mandatory pre-employment testing requires a negative test before your driver can conduct a safety-sensitive function. Non-DOT required testing is conducted under company policy. We schedule both and get results quickly -- expediting the driver onboarding process.


The DOT mandates all fleets who operate CDL drivers have a random drug and alcohol program. Each year this testing must be conducted at a certain percentage to meet requirements. We maintain the testing pool, send notifications when testing is required, and track specimens and results. 

Reasonable Suspicion

Reasonable suspicion testing is a sensitive matter surrounded by multiple implications if not handled correctly. Supervisors must have training to require a driver to submit to both a drug and alcohol reasonable suspicion test. InfoStream can protect your company by expertly navigating your team through the complexities of meeting standards for reasonable suspicion testing.

Post-Accident Testing

FMCSA requires post- accident drug and alcohol testing when certain conditions are met under Part 382.303.  InfoStream utilizes collection facilities, clinics and in certain circumstances mobile collection to assist in complying with this regulation. Additionally, InfoStream provides the motor carrier with the ability to document the situation if certain required criteria can not be met due to regulatory time constraints.

Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Service

Company policy drug and alcohol testing service is a valuable tool for maintaining workplace safety and reducing costs associated with workers compensation claims. Our team of certified experts can help you review your current policy or draft a policy for your specific business needs.

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